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What Is The Role Of Estate Agents In Plymouth?

Do you live in Plymouth or the surrounding area, and are you thinking of selling your home? How do you ensure your property is marketed properly and to a sufficient pool of potential buyers? How can you show your home off to best effect and be certain that you’re selling it at the best price? If you’re not confident in taking on the selling process yourself or don’t have the time to do so, the answer is to hire professional and experienced estate agents in Plymouth

In essence, the role of estate agents is to use their knowledge of the local property market to smooth the path to the sale, lease, or management of properties, acting on behalf of their clients. They make sure that the property sales process is conducted as effectively and efficiently as possible, keeping the interests of both sellers and buyers in mind.

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Aspire Estate Agency is one of the foremost estate agents in the Plymouth area, serving the city itself, along with the Saltash, Tavistock, Ivybridge, and wider Devon areas. We provide an end-to-end service to ensure our clients enjoy a stress-free experience when selling their properties.

Although the primary role of estate agents is to facilitate the property sale, this simple statement masks some of the complexities in doing so. Our estate agents play a key role in the following areas:

Establishing The Right Price For Your Property

Marketing a property at the right price is critical. You want to open up the pool of potential buyers as much as possible, to give you the best chance of maximising the highest return on your investment. But you also want to deter time-wasters who may raise your hopes, but not ultimately have the means to purchase your home. You may be motivated to achieve a quick sale; or perhaps you are in no hurry and are willing to hang on for the best possible offer. Our locally-based estate agents take all these factors into account when starting to determine the price for your property.

We then have intimate knowledge of the property market in the areas we cater to. We draw on our past experiences and that familiarity with the local market; and will share our expert advice with you on how much we think you could realise for your property, so that you can advertise and sell it at the best possible price.

how to get estate agents in plymouth

Marketing Your Home

As one of the best-rated estate agents in Plymouth, we will help market your house professionally and widely to prospective buyers. When we come to value your home, we will advise on any immediate steps you can take to enhance your chances of selling, from decluttering to small DIY jobs that can make all the difference to prospective buyers’ first impressions. We will then ensure photography and videography of your living spaces is of the highest standard. Your home will be marketed both online and offline on all the right property portals and outlets, so that it can be seen by as many buyers as possible, and in the best possible light.

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Capably Handling Negotiations

Buying a property is a considerable investment, and that means that price negotiations are a normal part of the sales process. We will be open and transparent with you about any offers received on your property; we’ll also be realistic in our advice, based on our up-to-the-minute knowledge of the market, on whether consideration should be given to accepting or rejecting particular offers. Of course, the final decision always rests with you, but we will act professionally as the go-between with your potential purchaser, ably handling the negotiations on your behalf.

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Conducting Administration Relating To The Sale

Once an offer is accepted, the seemingly endless paperwork trail begins. Unless you’ve been through the legal process a few times, this can be confusing; and sales can be lost through delays, misunderstandings and even poor communication. Again, we will act as the middleman between the buyers, sellers and their respective teams of solicitors and conveyancers. We’ll ensure you are kept up-to-date at every stage, up to completion and exchange of contracts.

In short, the team at Aspire Estate Agency will offer support and guidance throughout these crucial steps of the sales process to make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Finding The Best Estate Agents In Plymouth

Aspire Estate Agency is a local independent agency in Plymouth with over fifteen years of experience dedicated to finding buyers for property owners. We have a team of full-service estate agents in Plymouth, Devon UK, all with an excellent understanding of the local property market.

To gain more insight into how we work, you can take a look at recent reviews from our clients on the independent Trustpilot website.  Rest assured, with us, you won’t pay a penny until your property is sold.

Get in touch with one of our dedicated professional property experts at, or reach us on 01752 424877 to book a free valuation of your property.

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Which estate agent should I hire?

If you are looking for estate agents in Plymouth, UK, it’s always a good idea to ask friends and family for personal recommendations of firms they have had recent experience with. You can also often read through testimonials from past clients of local estate agents on independent review sites.

Our best-rated estate agents in Plymouth have a wealth of experience in dealing with buyers and sellers, property valuations, and successfully closing deals. If you need to work with capable, efficient agents, consider hiring us!

Can you sell your house with two estate agents?

Yes, you can. This is called a “joint sole agency”, and the two estate agents will cooperate in order to find a suitable buyer for your property.

On the other hand, if you hire only one estate agent initially and then wish to widen your search by appointing another agency, check the terms of the contract you have already signed. It could be that they have exclusive selling rights to your home, depending on what was agreed.

Also check the terms of your contract if you think you have found a buyer for your house on your own. Depending on what you agreed to at the outset, you may still be liable to pay your estate agent’s fees.

Do estate agents charge if there is no sale?

If you decide to back out of a sale, it is normal to be charged an amount to cover the costs that the agent or property dealer has already incurred, such as advertising costs. It is also standard to pay for a portion or all of the estate agent’s commission, especially if you signed a contract with a clause that says you are a “ready, willing, and able purchaser”. However, Aspire Estate Agents do not charge, we always work on a no sale, no fee basis.

If, on the other hand, your property fails to sell for any reason, you may not have to pay a fee to your estate agent. It is important you check all the terms and conditions of any estate agent’s contract before you sign it.

How do you choose an estate agent?

Here are some tips on how to choose a professional estate negotiator/broker to work with:

  • Decide whether you want to work with a traditional agency or one that is based online. Traditional agencies often have more detailed and current local knowledge; online estate agents may offer what appear to be cheaper fees. Weigh up all the pros and cons before deciding.
  • Prepare a list of agencies that appeal to your needs as a seller, then narrow down your options by, for example, checking out reviews from past customers; asking friends and family; and looking at the style and professionalism of their websites, online property adverts for other homes of your type, and so on.
  • It may be tempting to pick an agency straight away, but it’s wiser to get to know them first. Try booking an appointment with one of your prospective agencies; note how attentive they are. Ask as many questions as you wish – they should answer openly and helpfully, explaining the process and their ways of working in detail. If you feel uncomfortable working with them or think you’re getting a bad valuation for your property, it’s probably best to walk away.

Tips For Finding Best House Agents

Choosing sole or multiple estate agents

The first decision you have to make is how many estate agents you should use. Home sellers usually select just one estate agent. This can be simpler to manage and is usually cheaper, as agents will often charge more for multiple agency arrangements.

Prepare a list of estate agents in Plymouth

Use the guide below to help you draw up a shortlist, then invite around three of the best-rated estate agents in Plymouth to carry out valuations of your home. In drawing up a shortlist, you should:

  1. Ask family, friends and neighbours. It’s always good to have a personal recommendation from someone with experience of dealing with the agency.
  2. Compare local estate agents based on the facts: how quickly they sell properties, how close they come to achieving the asking price and overall, how successful they are.
  3. Make sure the estate agent has experience in selling properties of the same price range, age, style and location as yours.

Advantages Of Hiring Estate Agents In Plymouth, UK

  • They give you access to their market knowledge and maintain a ready network of contacts looking to buy property in your area and of your type.
  • They help take the emotion out of the transaction. This is especially important when you are selling your own home, as it can feel more personal. Having an impartial third party between buyers and sellers can ensure transactions remain calm and business-like.
  • They act as a safety net if something goes wrong and will guide you in solving any problems.
  • Your property will be advertised on highly popular portals accessible only to professional estate agents, like Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market, for instance, to gain the best exposure across the market and throughout the country as a whole. Property managers can also host viewings of your home for prospective buyers, saving you time and trouble.
  • They can reduce the risk of making a mistake during the transaction because they have a great deal of knowledge and experience.

Homeowners, landlords, and property firm developers looking for a reliable agent to market property will find no better company than Aspire Estate Agency.

Feel free to get in touch with our estate agents in the Plymouth area today!